POWERFLEX® Shark success story

The removal of zinc residues from threads of galvanized parts

Our customer operates in the field of hot-dip galvanizing.
The company stands for quality, delivery reliability and flexibility. However, it was faced with a major challenge in the piecework galvanizing process using the immersion method, as it needed to integrate the work processes into the organization and at the same time improve occupational safety and ergonomics for the employees, as well as productivity. Due to the requirements of its end customers, we were asked to address the issue and find a solution.

During hot-dip galvanizing, the existing threads are also galvanized. Due to the thick layer of zinc applied to the threads, they were no longer usable. This means that after galvanizing, the excess had to be milled out manually to make the threads usable again. At the same time, not too much could be removed.

Through the constant exchange of the customer with our sales representative, also during consulting visits on site, we have worked out the following solution. A larger "Shark" tapping machine and a smaller "Tiger" machine were purchased for various thread sizes. The taps apply modified torques to remove the excess from the threads without completely removing the applied material. Both machines are excellent for recutting the threads, as their precision and smoothness allow them to independently find the gate again and remove the excess zinc.

Completing the thread recutting step with the thread cutting machines saves many working hours on the existing milling machines. Re-clamping on the milling machine after galvanizing is no longer necessary.

There is also no need to write separate milling programs where only the threads are traversed.

Incorrect feed or a jammed compensating chuck on the CNC machine could result in costly tool breakage. Such a breakage is avoided thanks to our tapping machines. This also saves our customers the inconvenience of drilling out or, in the worst case, the re-production of the workpiece.

The most powerful of our electric threading machines

The electric threading machine Roscamat Shark is the most powerful of our machines. It can cut threads up to M36 in steel and M42 in aluminum. Through different change gears you have the possibility to cut smaller threads with very high speed and large ones with strong torque. As standard, the machine is equipped with a cutting depth adjustment that automatically switches to reverse when the preset and desired depth is reached.
The lubrication system, which is also included, significantly increases the service life of your taps and thread formers.
Thanks to the sophisticated design of the machine, it is handy, compact and torsion-resistant despite its strength.

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