POWERFLEX® threading machines

The easy way to perfect results

for more productivity

for more customer satisfaction

for more yield

Powerflex threading machines

Guaranteed 90 degree angle

Avoidance of tool breakage

Long tool life

Ergonomic handling

Outstanding reliability

Economical due to robustness and durability

Energy efficient work

Occupational safety due to enclosed design

Effortless screwing in of Ensat & Helicoil threaded sleeves

Simple thread forming

For over 75 years we have been successfully selling threading arms as a general agency in Germany.

This is guaranteed by top products from the Spanish company Tecnospiro - known as Roscamat. Through innovation and dynamism of the staff, new solutions and practical products are always developed, ergonomic and productive.

Consistent and constant quality of these smooth-running, flexible machines and stand for a long service life. An internal parallel guide guarantees an extremely precise working operation

POWERFLEX by Roscamat - a synonym for flexible, smooth and ergonomic work in daily use.

Areas of application:

  • Tool and mold making
  • Plastics processing industry
  • Sheet metal working
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Contract Manufacturing Operations
  • Workshops for the disabled
  • Universities
  • Supra-company training centers
  • Machine tool dealer
  • Handicraft enterprises


3arm products have a full one-year warranty on the arm against manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by overloading, improper use and handling, or use of the arm for other than its intended use. Our warranty covers labor and parts during the one year period.

Our service: Online product presentation

Find out directly from our expert advisors which machines are suitable for which applications and which machine is best suited to your requirements.

For each customer there is also the possibility to test our devices after a demonstration by us, 14 days without obligation.
(Here a lump sum of 25€/daily would result, which would be omitted then with the purchase.
We take over the transport costs).


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