Manipulator SNOWFLAKE M5 Multi Load

The manipulator, equipped with individual adapter tools, is particularly suitable for manually handling, centering and moving loads in a balanced (weightless) state. In each direction up to 50 kg.

Lifting Shifting and centering of loads up to 50 kg

Weightless operation

Adaptable to a wide range of working conditions

Intuitive control

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With this assistant, the operator can work quickly and precisely under excellent ergonomic and safety conditions.

The hand-guided manipulator consists of a pendulum parallelogram balanced by gas spring, pneumatic cylinder and radial arm. Both keep the head element in perpendicular position to the working area.

Your lifting aid in everyday work

Easy centering and shifting of loads up to 50 kg

Picking up, moving and setting down with various adaptations such as gripper, magnet or vacuum suction cup

Ergonomic and easy handling when moving heavy loads

Top quality with innovative design

Smallest quantities, various motion sequences and individuality in operation are the strengths of the 3-arm manipulator M5.

Quick parts tool and gearbox change

The 3arm Manipulator M5 is your ergonomic helper when moving workpieces.

It is ideal for workpiece and tool handling.

Here you can pick up, move and set down objects by gripper, magnet or vacuum suction cup.

Rotating and swiveling of the gripped parts is also possible thanks to optional pneumatic drives. This allows you to position without any problems.

The manipulator is designed to make your work easier. It takes weights up to 50 kg from you and you can fully concentrate on handling, positioning, processing or inspecting the picked up parts.

Heavy lifting, asking a colleague for help, cumbersome load equipment (like overhead cranes), back problems and injuries from dropped parts are all eradicated by the 3arm Manipulator M5.

The 3arm manipulator M5 is a compact mobile support. Your third arm in your daily work.

Smallest quantities, various motion sequences and individuality in operation are the strengths of the 3-arm manipulator M5.

In the video you can see the loading of a machine with milling tools. These tools often weigh more than 15 kg and the position of the insertion is usually ergonomically unfavorable.

Thanks to individual length, you can easily reach the spindle or the magazine of the machine.

It is also easy to remove the tools in order to exchange them, measure them, shrink them again or process the tool differently.

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