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The Powerflex 3arm® family

Top quality

Ergonomic handling

Outstanding reliability

Economical due to robustness and durability

Occupational safety due to enclosed design

Innovative design

Powerflex 3arm® - a synonym for flexible, smooth-running and ergonomic work in daily use.

In any company where employees assemble, assemble and process materials, this usually involves heavy physically tiring and ergonomically unfavorable work. In the long run, this endangers health and lowers stamina and performance.

The solution for these problems and work situations we offer you, as a company Fröhlich & Dörken GmbH, the specialist for handling systems for over 30 years as a general agency in Germany.

The 3arm® series is designed to effortlessly hold tools and other equipment up to 35 kilograms. In different work areas, with various different adapter systems, the 3arm® series enables you to work weightlessly, flexibly and ergonomically.

Grinders, torque and impact wrenches, as well as other tools and equipment can be moved and operated easily and without effort.

The versatility of the 3arm® series in assembly lines at automotive manufacturers, machine builders and in aerospace engineering, - or even in craft workshops and workshops for the disabled - gives this system its nickname: Multifunction Arm.

The 3arm® series impresses with its flexibility and variability. The use of the respective tools takes place without physical effort, with low fatigue and in an ergonomically optimal working posture. If the tool is moved to another position, this happens almost weightlessly and without effort. The 3arm® series can be used stationary at a fixed workstation or, in combination with the corresponding accessories, at any position within the workshop or production.

The Powerflex handling system adapts to the existing individual local conditions. As a result, the investment costs are essentially limited to the actual product. The 3arm® series is used both in the stand-alone version and in series production. The 3arm® series is the solution for maintaining your health, strength and performance, especially when working overhead for long periods of time or with outstretched arms. The entire Powerflex 3arm family is also ideally suited for use in workshops for the disabled, or when it comes to providing an adequate workplace for people with physical disabilities in the private sector.

The advantages of the Powerflex 3arm® series:

  • Wide range of possible applications, as can be universally combined with many different tools thanks to different mounting adapters
  • Increased productivity in the workshop or production, through more efficient use of tools and fewer fatigue breaks
  • Reduction of work-related absences and reduction of late health effects
  • More precise work results and permanently consistent processing quality
  • Rapid amortization of acquisition costs through increased output
  • Various accessories for ceiling and floor mounting
  • Flexible use at different work locations due to mounting on trolley

Areas of application:

  • Tool and mold making
  • Sheet metal working
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Contract Manufacturing Operations
  • Workshops for the disabled
  • Universities
  • Supra-company training centers
  • Machine tool dealer
  • Handicraft enterprises


3arm products are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Heat treat specifications exceed or meet all standards. All products manufactured are designed to function without undue safety issues when caution, common sense and proper safety practices are followed. Cutting tools and tool holders are safe to use when the proper application and protection guidelines are followed. Even when these precautions are taken, it is possible for fragments of a cutting tool, cutting material, or holding device to be thrown at very high velocity and cause serious bodily injury. It is imperative that general safety precautions and protective eyewear be worn at all times.


3arm products have a full one-year warranty on the arm against manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by overloading, improper use and handling, or use of the arm for other than its intended use. Our warranty covers labor and parts during the one year period.

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