POWERFLEX®Tiger threading machine

Our medium threading machine for individual requirements

Thread cutting with depth adjustment

Screw in thread inserts such as ENSAT & HELICOIL

Simple thread forming

Drilling of small holes up to Ø8 (aluminum)

With the compact, electric thread cutting machine Roscamat Tiger, threads in aluminum, steel or plastic can be cut & formed very easily and safely. Even very small threads such as M2/M3 are no problem for you with the balanced, torsion-resistant and exactly 90° aligned thread cutting arm. Thread inserts such as ENSAT & HELICOIL can also be simply and easily screwed in with the device.

Due to the efficient maintenance-free high-frequency motor and accurately adjustable cutting and reverse speed, threads from M2-M27 (steel) are cut quickly and safely.

Due to the swiveling thread cutting head, they also cut horizontal threads without any problems. The very compact and space-saving machine can be attached to almost any workstation via a clamping system, or alternatively can be attached to the Siegmund welding and clamping table systems with an adapter plate.

Due to the maintenance-free high-frequency electric motor with 220V-240V and 50/60Hz, you only need a 230V socket to operate the machine and are therefore no longer tied to a specific location.

Advantages of the POWERFLEX®Tiger threading machine

can be adapted very individually to the customer's requirements (speeds/ options: lubrication system, depth adjustment)

Powerful motor (up to M27) and still light and flexible

Effortless screwing in of Ensat & Helicoil threaded sleeves

Simple thread forming

Well suited for M2/M3

High speeds for fast work

Easy to use

Can be used at various workplaces

POWERFLEX®Tiger for professional requirements

One for almost everything. The Roscamat Tiger threading machine is particularly characterized by its great adaptability.

The head element and the electric motor are located at the end of the tilt arm and adjust so that they always move at 90° with respect to their working area. The machine can also be easily operated by left-handed people.

The speed is controlled via a circuit board in the "switch box housing". The optional automatic lubrication and vertical depth control are adjustable via the buttons above the "radial arm". The speed can thus be adapted to any type of thread.

Equipped with a single-phase 220 V HIGH FREQUENCY 750 watt 50/60 Hz motor, the modular system, which consists of a series of 7 quick-change modules (reduction gears), can be customized. This provides output speeds that allow the speed to be customized. The unit can be used anywhere there is a power outlet.

The very compact and space-saving machine can be attached to almost any workstation using a clamping system, or alternatively can be attached to the Siegmund welding and clamping table systems using an adapter plate.


M27 / 90

Speed in 1/min 90
Torque in Nm 150
⌀ Coupling 31
Max. ⌀ Alu M30
Max. ⌀ steel M27

M20 / 170

Speed in 1/min 170
Torque in Nm 79
⌀ Coupling 31
Max. ⌀ Alu M24
Max. ⌀ steel M20

M16 / 300

Speed in 1/min 300
Torque in Nm 44
⌀ Coupling 19
Max. ⌀ Alu M16
Max. ⌀ steel M16

M12 / 550

Speed in 1/min 550
Torque in Nm 24
⌀ Coupling 19
Max. ⌀ Alu M14
Max. ⌀ steel M12

M10 / 750

Speed in 1/min 750
Torque in Nm 17
⌀ Coupling 19
Max. ⌀ Alu M12
Max. ⌀ steel M10

M8 / 1050

Speed in 1/min 1050
Torque in Nm 12,5
⌀ Coupling 19
Max. ⌀ Alu 8mm
Max. ⌀ steel 8mm


Speed in 1/min 2100
Torque in Nm 6
⌀ Coupling
Max. ⌀ Alu 8mm
Max. ⌀ steel Drill chuck

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