POWERFLEX® Ultimate threading machine

With the Powerflex Ultimate, it is possible for the first time to drill, cut threads, screw in Ensat & Helicoil threaded sleeves, countersink and preset depths reproducibly and vertically at the work location with mechanical support.

One for almost everything

The Ultimate is particularly characterized by its great adaptability. For the first time
possible to move freely and smoothly across the work area and no longer have to
awkwardly bring the workpieces into position. With the available laser system
you position the tool with pinpoint accuracy. Once the position has been determined, the axes can
can be locked. You already achieve excellent results with the manual depth setting.


Fields of application of the POWERFLEX ULTIMATE

Tool and mold making

Plastics processing industry

Sheet metal working

Mechanical Engineering

Automotive industry

Contract Manufacturing Operations

Workshops for the disabled


Supra-company training centers

Machine tool dealer

Handicraft enterprises

Radius: 925 mm (36.4")
Working height: 315 mm (12.4") (without tool)

- Drilling stroke 80 mm
- Drilling up to M12
- Thread cutting up to M12
- Ensat & Helicoil threaded sleeves screwing in
- Setting the thread depth
- Mech. Depth stop
- Sensor for thread depth
- Reproducible countersinking

Available options

- Vertical work
- Horizontal working
- Laser crosshairs for easier
- Digital display for depth

Modular system - change speed gearbox


Max. Speed 550
Max. Torque 24 Nm / 15 Ft-lb
Chuck size Ø19
Capacity (Steel 90kg/mm²) (Metric) M2-M12
Capacity (steel 90kg/mm²) (inch) #0-1/2″


Max. Speed 750
Max. Torque 17 Nm / 13 Ft-lb
Chuck size Ø19
Capacity (Steel 90kg/mm²) (Metric) M2-M10
Capacity (steel 90kg/mm²) (inch) #0-3/4″


Max. Speed 1050
Max. Torque 12.5 Nm / 9 Ft-lb
Chuck size Ø19
Capacity (Steel 90kg/mm²) (Metric) M2-M8
Capacity (steel 90kg/mm²) (inch) #0-5/16″


Max. Speed 2100
Max. Torque 6 Nm /4 Ft-lb
Chuck size Cone B-16
Capacity (Steel 90kg/mm²) (Metric) drills Ø 12mm Alumi-
Capacity (steel 90kg/mm²) (inch) nium, cast iron, etc.

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